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Google Street View


360 degree Virtual Tour effects and enhancements - 360

Mighty Magpie virtual tours offer a variety of effects that will enhance any virtual tour. The most popular effects include hotspots allowing you to double click to move to another virtual tour image or load another multimedia element within the virtual tour, through Google maps integration. All of the virtual tour of effects will be mobile device friendly ensuring our virtual tours grow alongside the popularity of smart phones such as iPhones, Androids and other portable devices for viewing virtual tours online.

Interactive Location Walkthrough Virtual Tours

Using floor plans and radar hotspots a fully interactive visit of your facilities enables the user to visualize exactly where they are positioned at all times with visual hotspots to guide the viewer ensuring a seamless 'virtual' visit.

Pre-scripted Virtual Tours to Help Market and Sell Your Products or Services

Combining a pre-scripted virtual tour with a fully customize skin/player, text descriptions, flat photographs, full screen, email and other buttons to execute actions of your choice such as 'book online'. This truly delivers an interactive experience with potent revenue generating opportunities.